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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

 "The silence around us may contain a lot, but the most interesting kind of silence is the one that lies within.  The silence that I am after is the silence within." - SILENCE IN THE AGE OF NOISE by Erling Kagge

The month of March is my annual New Mexico retreat, artist residency, painting excursion, time for me, quiet time to work and a whole lot of silence.  How appropriate that I am reading this book.  Erling Kagge is an explorer and has a lot to say about the power of silence in our lives.  I highly recommend this book or at least each of us experimenting with times of quiet.

My studio time this winter has been one of quiet and focus.  I feel that I created a body of work to be proud of that will soon be delivered to the many galleries that represent me as well as many of the pieces being saved for my own gallery as we gear up for the 8th season.  My work this winter was focused on exploring what I know more in depth.  That meant that I wasn't re-inventing anything this year, but going deeper into many of the series that I have worked on before.  Like the Tangled Forest, Monet and also the sky series.  I consider myself a colorist and I find much excitement in exploring color in all of these subjects but in a different way.  Every day in the studio is a new day, one to experiment and change.

My quiet studio time either in Michigan, Door County or Santa Fe continues to feed my soul and inspire me as I continue to work on commissions and to paint the suggestion of places that surround me.  Cappaert Contemporary Gallery opens May 1 for its 8th season and I am really getting excited for another fabulous year.  Thank you for staying in touch!

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