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Sunday, January 3, 2021

 "Our brightest dreams and our greatest fears are just over the horizon." - Kent Nerburn

I'm happy to be in January, 2021!  I will not talk or think about 2020!

I've been relaxing and resting more than I am used to these past few days and with that has come a lot of time spent contemplating and doing some deeper thinking.  Just this morning I was thinking about how the 'horizon' or 'horizon line' has been a long-standing signature in my paintings.  Sometimes very distinct and solid.  Sometimes more abstracted and free, but always there and sometimes changing.

Yes, it's true that the horizon line may be 'overused' by painters and artists and somedays I explore more vertical or circular design elements, however, I usually come back to the horizon line in one way or another.  To me it's a comfort.  A calming and serene 'linework'.  It just is how I speak, how I try to live my life.

Looking back in my painting archives I have found several examples over the last decade alone where the horizon line shows up on my canvas.

For example, the early years,  were very simple as far as the division of space yet there was a lot of texture and subtle nuances and variations of color and value within these spaces that I still really love!
Some years my work would turn more landscape based rather than abstract!  Again, plenty of textures and mark making which added movement to the piece while the horizon line added the serenity.
"Almost There" hangs in my living room and I cannot seem to part with this one - yet!
The subtle variations of the abstracted landscape really speak to me!
I spent some time in Ireland painting years back and this piece was inspired by an overturned, retired old wooden boat and the remains of chipped paint and wood on its surface.  Still I was drawn to the horizontal pattern.
This series, "When Wings Were Only a Dream" was inspired by two things at one time.  The ice break-up and patterns on Lake Superior when it was frozen and I happened to be there snowshoeing AND an image from a friend who was on a beach in New Zealand (thus the color).  This series of 18 pieces (I think) is completely sold out except for 1 piece and one piece that I kept for myself!  The texture was more subtle in this series and there was more removing/scraping to unearth the deeper layers underneath.
Sometimes the distinct horizon line in a more landscape based painting is set off by another love of mine, trees!  I really love the simplicity of this one!
AND....this year with all the Covid and staying at home, I was able to spend most nights on my deck enjoying beautiful Door County Sunsets!  It is amazing how this simple part of my life has now inspired an entire new series!  I'm working on these this winter and they will be released in Spring at my gallery and the other 6 galleries that represent me.  Each one is so different and I'm really exploring and pushing the use of color and medium on these pieces.  Why?  Because each sunset really is so different and by 'zooming' in and photographing variations in the sunset, I have created some wonderful color combinations that are endless explorations of beauty.
Stay tuned!


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