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Saturday, October 17, 2020

 "Only one eye sees, the other feels" - Paul Klee

I've been grateful, this year especially, for the opportunity to work on several commissions for clients.  I actually have grown to enjoy and appreciate commission work and I think that is because of my process that it gives me a sense of freedom while working on these. 

 Each time I am commissioned to do a special painting for someone I take into consideration several factors.  The basic components of size and colors do not complete the commission.  I want to know more about the person, their life, their home, their feelings.  Years ago when I started taking on commission work I developed a process of painting 2 paintings, similar but different, for the clients to choose from.  This released a lot of pressure and stress from me because one of the paintings I would follow more 'guidelines' or suggestions from the client and the other painting would be for me, a free-for-all, which made me happy.  The clients love that they have 2 paintings to choose from, or options and the unselected painting goes to a gallery for purchase by another collector.  It truly is a win-win situation that I enjoy working with!

Here is a photo of a recently installed painting I was commissioned to do for a couples home, they loved it!  I am currently working on 2 more commissions, one for a home in Florida for a long time collector and another one for a Door County resident!  These are fun times!

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