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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"the most adaptive survive, not necessarily the strongest" - quote from the Podcast 'Beautiful Anarchy, Episode 32

I release any guilt from not 'blogging' the last few months!  Life takes over, how you spend your time shifts, putting pen to paper may not inspire you.  That's where I have been at.  I really do not know what possessed me to write this blog today, but here I am!  
Today I was listening to a podcast that was based on the subject matter of the 'importance of making mistakes' and evolving, learning and growing from them!  It was so good!  He also stressed the importance of acceptance and not worrying if mistakes are made.  Again, like life and art these thoughts are all interrelated.  It's also very important not to focus on the mistakes but to keep moving forward.  I find this so incredibly important when I am painting day after day.  Some days it seems everything flows along and progress is made and other days mistakes are made and I feel the painting has taken '10 steps backwards'.  The next day in the studio is a new day and progress can be made, mostly because I learned from the mistakes of the prior day!  Painting is an ongoing process and it is the lengthy layers and thoughts my mind carries with me  that keeps me intrigued and in the studio! 
Currently, I am focused on five commissions!  I am thankful to say they are all going really well but I will need to be patient as some of the layers may be 'mistakes' that I have to fully process, change and repeat!  Again, similar to life.


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