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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

"The windows in my recent paintings...They function as metaphors for either hope or disturbance..."
-Sean Scully

I have been reading "Inner - The collected writings and selected interviews of Sean Scully'

and I have been thinking a lot!  About Villages, communities and how there are good people in this world who still believe in good people, communities that still believe in communities.  How blessed I am to share two beautiful communities in my many years.  Although it is a lot of travel back and forth, there is something I love about each and as I slowly transition to one community and long to be in just one place, the process is slow and bittersweet.  Spending time in my favorite spot in Santa Fe also lightens my load.  The sunshine, the inspiration and a continuation of a new series.

Find your community and your people and embrace it!


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