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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"Chance favors those in motion" - James H. Austin

So always be in motion?  Lately that is how I feel!  and that can be a good thing at times!

I just returned from a two week trip to the mountains in New Mexico, with horses!  A group of friends trailered our horses and rode in the mountains staying at a rustic ranch!  What a great time but I am happy to be back at the gallery and in the studio!  Sometimes you have to just say yes and go forward in motion no matter how busy life can be!

Say yes!  Saying yes in the studio when I'm painting has truly gotten me farther than holding back ever would.  Our studio time is an adventure, just like all the other adventures in life and certainly just as important.  Carving time for everything can sometimes be a challenge and learning to navigate through time management may even be a harder task, but finding that balance, time to fill the well, etc is the best way to be in motion!

                                          Evening Breeze, 48x48" Oil/cold wax on wood


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