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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

I am so excited!!! I was invited to teach a painting workshop/retreat/vacation in the South West of France in October, 2020!  I've been on a 'me' break from teaching the past several years so that I could focus on my own studio practice and am excited to get back into teaching, sharing and learning along with the students!  I've decided to make my teaching adventures a bit like art vacations.  How exciting to combine new friends, travel and art!  I've just announced this first workshop and will share the details with you here!  If this interests you, email me any questions you may have or if you want further information, I have a feeling this class will fill up quickly!

(Color Infused Abstract paintings with Oil and Cold Wax)

Life. Travel. Art. Color.
            In this workshop we will gather ideas and inspiration from our surroundings in France to inspire out own personal painting practice in oil, cold wax and dry mineral pigments.  Students will be introduced to Ginnie’s highly layered and textured painting techniques as well as her secrets of making color choices intuitively that sing with happiness. 
            This class will take you deeper than just ‘techniques’.  We will spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying the French countryside because Ginnie knows how important it is to play (enjoy and absorb) the surroundings in which you work.  Ginnie will work with each student personally to  help them get clarity on their art and how to set and act on their own personal, creative goals.  We will discuss how our art practice can be integrated into our daily lives to heal, nourish and restore our souls.
            These ten days will be used for soul-centering activities and relaxation time as well as an introduction into abstract/landscape painting and color studies through the use of oil and cold wax.  Students will learn how to add layers to create interesting color fields that relate to their surroundings with a focus on texture, mark making, depth and composition by demo’s,  individual attention and lively group discussions.
            Ginnie truly believes in the importance of finding your own individual style and a deeper meaning behind your painting.  She allows time for contemplation, journaling and yoga for her own art practice and would love to share that energy with you.  Her positive, uplifting personality will be sure to spread throughout the class.
            Life is all about taking chances!  Join Ginnie in France for 10 fun-filled creative days, October 19-October 29, 2020!
            Cost of class and lodging is $3100.00 US DOLLARS.  All deposits are non-refundable and show your commitment to taking time out of life for yourself.  $500 to hold your space in the workshop, ½ of the balance due 5 months prior to class ($1300 due May 19, 2020) and the balance $1300 due August 19, 2020.  See www.levieuxcouvent.com/ginnie-cappaert/ to get the details of what the package includes and what you have to cover. You will have to book your own airfare and I recommend you do not book your flight until we receive confirmation that the class is filled!

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