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Monday, May 6, 2019

The season at my gallery is starting!  I'm excited to be out of the studio and meeting and greeting some of the collectors that walk through our doors!  Recently I submitted some artworks to some juried shows and have three different shows going on now and coming up shortly that I am happy to be included in.  These two pieces "Foggy Morning" and "New Beginnings" will be included in this summer's exhibition at Devos Art Museum in Marquette, Michigan.
Here is a statement about my work and inspiration for these pieces!

Ginnie Cappaert is a full time visual artist with a summer studio/gallery in Door County, Wisconsin and a winter studio in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Her surroundings of nature and her travels inspire and influence her oil/cold wax/mix media paintings.  Her in depth process of up to 40 layers being added and excavated is what gives the painting the depth and intriguing varieties of color and value.  Each piece contains subtle mark making and the layers emerge into the finished painting which is an abstracted minimalist version of a landscape.  Both of the exhibited pieces "Foggy Morning" and "New Beginnings" were inspired by Ginnie's time along the Lake Superior Shore.  "Foggy Morning was inspired by the break up of the ice and shifting patterns in the early springtime.  A push-pull with warm and cool colors.  "New Beginnings" was inspired by the rugged shore line and the strong tree's that cling to that ground.  Although Ginnie's travels take her to New Zealand, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Santa Fe area of the US, it is definitely Lake Superior that has the strongest influence in her work.


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