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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"When it all comes together, a creative life has the nourishing power we normally associate with food, love and faith." - Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

I'm guilty of having many books in my personal collection, I need more bookshelves.  I consider these a 'need' not a 'want'.  A true necessity in life.  My artist friend, Shan, just reminded me of  one of my all time favorite books by Twyla Tharp, 'The Creative Habit' that she was rereading this winter.  Now I have to tell you,  I have re-read this book at least half a dozen times already, but I immediately retrieved it from my bookshelf to find just the perfect amount of inspiration and topics for art journaling and discussion. 
What I really noticed on my brief glimpse through the book was again the focus on balance in life.  Making time for it all.  Making time for the self care, yoga, reading, exercise, family, friends, and studio time too!  This balance is again a 'need' and so very important as creatives struggle to find time to make their art.  This seems to be a widespread topic with many of my friends and artists all over the globe!
Twyla talks about 'being in a bubble' and how we can relate that to a state of mind. She believes that there are no rules to this bubble theory and that it can exist in peaceful moments and chaotic moments.  After all, we have LIFE, jobs, families, and responsibilities BUT we also have that desire to create and make art.
My best take away and advice to these issues is to treat our life as a bubble and make time within that bubble to fill our needs to create. This may mean saying no to doing certain things or going certain places but knowing to find that 'balance' and saying yes to some things outside of our art life, too.  I think it becomes a habit.  We can create the life we want by developing good habits filled with variety and maximum use of our time as well as taking some much needed 'downtime' as well.  In her book she states that 'being in the bubble does not mean being a hermit.  You can function out in the world, but wherever you go the bubble goes with you."
The last few snowy days I have taken time to practice yoga, read, and stay in my PJ's way longer than I should have!  But you know what, that's ok, I have to keep reminding myself that is all part of living life, a 'bubble style life' as an artist. 
                                           For my solo show in Santa Fe, "Color Snaps"
                                                    8x8" oil and cold wax, framed

Monday, February 11, 2019

I am so excited! I was invited to teach in the South West of France and am making plans for this incredible vacation/workshop experience in 2020! Looking forward to some work and play time!


Ginnie Cappaert is a full time visual artist and has maintained a professional art practice for more than twenty years. In this travel and painting retreat, Ginnie will help students to find an intuitive style of painting that seems playful, while working in the medium of oil and cold wax. Daily demo’s and discussions, group exercises as well as individual attention to guide students to discover their own personal style will be of importance. Ginnie will focus on the use of color, form and line as well as adding layers to create abstract paintings with interesting color fields inspired by the French countryside. In this ten day painting experience, each student will be working at their own level with plenty of time for journaling, contemplation and exploring the local villages which Ginnie believes all help create ‘authentic’ artists and original work. She believes in finding the ‘deeper meaning’ behind your painting and believes art is not just about techniques.

For over ten years, Ginnie has been exploring the medium of oil and cold wax. She studied with American painter, Rebecca Crowell and has developed her own style rich with color, layers, mark making, texture and form. She paints full time, owns her own gallery, writes and blogs about art, teaches, mentors and enjoys a life filled with art, travel, yoga and her horses.

Ginnie feels life and art is all about taking chances and responding to the results which will make this an inspiring time for mind, body and soul. Students of any art level are welcome to join us for this playful, creative art retreat in the Southwest of France.

What’s included in this Creative Holiday
  • 10 night’s lodging (single or shared occupancy)
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches and aperitifs
  • Gourmet evening dinners
  • Transport to unique painting sites
  • Daily excursions to nearby historic villages- this is a great opportunity to take plenty of photos, sketch, shop and enjoy French culture.
  • 24 hour use of the art studio and extensive art library
  • Round trip transport to Toulouse International Airport
  • Services of bilingual guides
  • Painting demos with group and individual instruction

Airfare, a couple of meals and tipping not included.

For more info you can visit Ginnie’s website at www.gcappaert.com or find her on Facebook and Instagram or read her blog at www.blog.gcappaert.com.

For all the details and to register, please contact Ginnie directly by email: info@gcappaert.com


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