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Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Pockets of silence, where we can all root and grow.  We must hope we can find them" - Rothko

One of my fav painters, Mark Rothko, inspires me by his luminous layers of paint and his division of space via color fields.  Although my paintings are based on landscape, they often use the manner of color fields to divide the space and many times with a horizon line.
Not one to 'fight' my paintings (or fight anything for that matter), I often let the painting tell me how the 'space' will be divided.  Often times it is a distinct horizon line, yet at other times their may be no horizon line or a softer version of one. 
As our Summer slowly transitions to Autumn I can gently feel the evenings becoming cooler, a sense of peace.  My forest painting series have been a long series for me and in many different versions and seasons.  I definitely find my silence in the forest, ever since I was a young girl, that is where I find peace.  I love visiting the city, but definitely need the 'green space' and the 'woods' to balance and center my life.  My forest paintings range from winter (crisp whites with brilliant blue skies) to spring (the lush colors of new growth in the forest, the beautiful greens and often times the carpets of forget me knots on the forest floor) and of course the Autumn series (including warm colors, earth colors and a sense of restfulness).
As our seasons continually transition here in the Midwest, I find myself grateful for all the inspiration and beauty around us.  Take the time to really notice the beauty of nature.  Enjoy your day!

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