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Sunday, July 8, 2018

"I like to move forward and notice things along the roadside that indicate where I should go." - Josh Homme

A beautiful Sunday morning at my gallery gives me a few moments of solace, sipping tea, journaling and enjoying the water views and gardens at this magical space.  I still pinch myself because I feel so truly blessed to have found this incredible gallery live/work space to share my art with others.
I was watching a video this morning, an art video by Nicholas Wilton.  The title was short and caught my attention.  GO BACK TO MOVE FORWARD.  That hit a chord with me today!
I like to relate so many things in my art to my life.  In the process of my painting, I do so much 'excavating' of the surface in which I really 'go back' into the surfaces and layers underneath in order to continue forward with  more layers and ultimately a finished painting  Seems that just like my painting,  life can be the same way.  Moving forward, going back, moving forward, going back. 
These next two months are an incredibly busy time at the summer season of my gallery and I am thankful!  Trying to fit 'life' and my art in the next two months will be a challenge but somehow through all the craziness of my life and schedule (which is hard for many to understand) it will all work out.  I plan to be in my studio ALL WEEK which will bring more solace to my life. 
I am forever grateful for my art.
                                                         "Calm Breeze"  24 x 48"

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