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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"It's a risky act to make a painting and send it out into the world." - Rothko

Now that the gallery is set up and the season is rolling I am finding some time in the evenings to watch some art documentaries and you tube videos on artists.  Recently I enjoyed one on Rothko titled 'the Power of Art".  Very good - he talks about how he had nothing to lose and a vision to gain during certain years.  He is an inspiration!  I also enjoyed one on Salvador Dali, an artist that intrigues me and I knew very little about and of course, I watched another one on Gerhard Richter!  Let the summer fun begin!
I returned from a painting expedition to Paris this Spring and am so inspired by the reflections in Monet's ponds at his gardens in Giverny.  This trip was truly an incredible experience but I realize I must study the language more next time before I go.  Sometimes 'winging it' is not the best way to go!
                                                    Monet's Reflections - New Series
Now the season begins!  The gallery opened May 1 and we are gearing up for the height of the season to kick in right about now!  With this comes energy - lots of energy!  In the people that are visiting Door County as well as the artists and gallery owners that dot the peninsula.   Openings and receptions are keeping art lovers excited about the new works.
Here at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery we are preparing for our upcoming "Water and Wax...Group Show"  featuring five artists working in wax as their medium but inspired by Water.  The show opens with an evening reception on Saturday, June 30 from 4-7 pm and runs through July 15. 
So for now, enjoy summer solstice - I'm packing up a picnic and headed to the beach tonight and hoping for a beautiful sunset - again!


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