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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success." - Swami Sivananda

Giving life all you got and finding what makes your soul sing are just two of the many important parts of happiness.  Happiness is within and not found outside of yourself.  Everyone holds the ticket to their own happiness and hopefully we are all right where we belong doing exactly what we need to do at the time.  (I write this to remind myself!)

Art has been my one small act to make the world a better place.  Creating beauty and sharing color with others truly does bring me joy.  I truly feel sorry for those that don't see the beauty all around us.  It is there, you don't really have to look far.  Beauty, happiness and joy are around you at all times its just a matter of being 'mindful' and enjoying the present moment. 

Although I try to always be mindful and live in the present moment, I too sometimes slip.  I love it when my friends 'catch' me on it and remind me!  I was snowshoeing with a friend a few weeks back and it was a beautiful day here in the U.P. with blue skies, like it couldn't get any better!  As I was enjoying the day I made the comment that I could just imagine hiking right now in another of my favorite places, Santa Fe!  I got 'called out' on that one when my friend said something about being present where you are at the moment!  Absolutely!  We all need to be reminded, even me!  That was all it took and I was back to enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the shadows being cast on the snow. Finding peace in the woods.  Being mindful.

I am so excited about my new series in the studio.  I titled it "When Wings Were Only A Dream" and it is a series combined from different inspirations.  Pictures of a friends trip to Australia which triggered a whole new color palette combined with my hikes along Lake Superior this winter and the lines of the horizon and ice inspired the break up of space and layers of line.  This series has a lot less texture and a more sense of calm and stillness than previous works.  It is interesting how all these elements of inspiration and life unfold into a whole new series.  I truly put my whole heart, mind and soul into my art. 

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