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Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Life is made of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of gray cement.  It would be wonderful if they came to us unsumoned, but particularly in lives as busy as the ones most of us lead now, that won't happen.  We have to teach ourselves how to live, really live...to love the journey, not the destination."  - Anna Quindlen (from the book A SHORT GUIDE TO A HAPPY LIFE)

Sitting here, this winter morning, sipping tea, contemplating life's journey.  What a beautiful ride it can be.  Not every moment of our journey will be that way but dang-it-all most moments should be and if they aren't then we really should do something about it!  My life is and has been centered around my kids, family and friends but ALSO my art.  Sometimes I may focus too much on my art and that may have given my life some difficult twists and turns, but in the end and through it all, I still had my art.  So I've come to realize that a large part of my 'journey' has been my art and how grateful I am for that!  Now, don't think that this journey has been easy as any given day, hour or career can have it's own challenges.  But seriously, I believe in life you should be enjoying every aspect of the journey which means ACCEPTING the good with the bad.

There are many moments that help balance my life with my art and one is YOGA.  For many years I've been practicing yoga and in the last 2 years have been studying in Marquette with Mary Connor at Marquette Yoga Center in a Yoga Teacher Training Program.  It has been just what I needed at just the right time - something to focus my energy and intention into that is healthy and uplifting.  The above quote is the one I chose to use in my class this past Friday evening and every single time I re-read it, it sends chills up my spine.  "Life's moments - small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of gray cement" - how true is that!

I think of how this quote relates to my painting as well, As I spend days on end totally focused in the studio.  Working.  I realize that with my long process of layers and sometimes just 'thinking' about painting, that I have to learn to accept that every layer or day in the studio may not be a total success or pure joy, but the beauty and destination is developed by the actual 'journey' or time spent in the studio.  The good with the bad.  The successes with the stumbles.  Cheers to enjoying the 'journey'!

Here is a very new piece, "Looking Through", Oil/cold wax on wood panel, 38x60"

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