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Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Ideas for work are coming to me in abundance...I'm going like a painting-locomotive." - Vincent van Gogh

Dividing my time between 'studio time' and 'working the gallery time' is always a nice change of pace and adds variety to my days.  My gallery in Door County (Cappaert Contemporary Gallery) is seasonal and is open May-October which means come this time of the year my focus shifts slightly from juggling both to putting much more energy into my painting and studio time.
It's been a great year at the gallery and I am now feeling a desire to lock myself up in the studio to paint, to experiment, to explore deeper gesture marks, textures and colors.  I can feel my inner creative desires starting to boil, sort of like a pressure canner, perculating and needing to be released.
My thoughts and inner energies are shifting as this beautiful autumn season is starting to feel like winter and I am really excited for the snow to fly and the quiet of winter to be upon us.
Although I have several commissions to finish up before I can get into some serious work, I know that will be here shortly.  I look at my paints and brushes and panels and feel this draw, this pull, to start getting to work...soon they say!

What are your plans for this winter season?

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