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Thursday, August 3, 2017

As I prepare for my solo show in Santa Fe...

I am totally amazed that I can be so focused on my artwork during these beautiful summer days!  I still feel there may be one more 'good painting inside of me' so I will continue to paint under a fun-type of pressure until my departure on August 20!

I have had smaller solo shows in the years past, but this is a biggie!  Not only is this solo show on the world famous Canyon Road in Santa Fe, it is a concentrated effort of a full year's worth of painting selected for one grand showing in a fabulous art city - one that I have shown in for about 7 years now!  I am grateful!

I wanted to share with you the process of preparing for a solo show as it is quite lengthy!
First, an artist decides on a concept or inspiration for the show pieces, along with the show title, and statement about the work - thankfully, I had help with all of that!

Then decisions are made with the collaboration of the gallery on the sizes of the paintings that work best with the gallery space.  Next the panels are custom built and then I begin to PAINT. PAINT. PAINT!

Once I have a complete body of work finished (in this case it was 20-30, mostly large paintings) to choose from.  All the images are then photographed, titled, recorded and archived in files for promotion materials and reference.

Eventually it becomes show time - you load up the van, drive across the country and the opening reception takes place where you meet collectors from all over the world!

The ending to all of this is...having a great time in Santa Fe, my city I LOVE and I swear - no painting in the month of September because I will be exhausted by then!

So, I invite you to follow my travels to and from Santa Fe on my Facebook page as I document the trip, the show and all the fun times I will have in Santa Fe.

Thank you to Globe Fine Art and the owner Steve Cie for the solo show opportunity!  Onward!
Meanwhile, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, is open every day 10-5 through October so be sure to stop in and see us!

I thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you this year!

Ginnie Cappaert
Cappaert Contemporary Gallery

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