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Monday, January 23, 2017

"It's the making of the thing that matters.  How that changes you." - poet Li-Young Lee

Blogging is an expression.  Many artists, writers and creative people choose to share their thoughts via blogging.  I follow many blogs and this morning I found this quote on one of the inspirational blogs that I read (CalmThingsBlogspot)!  Because this resonated with me I wanted to dwell a bit today on the process of art.
I am lucky to have so many art friends near and far and often when we get together our discussions range from making our art, finding studio time to selling our art.  Always, Always I emphasize to my friends to MAKE THE ART, don't worry about the selling of art that will all fall into place.  Truly.  Have faith.  It works.  The bottom line is if you don't take the time to MAKE THE ART, you won't have anything to be viewed or sold anyway!
As artists, developing a practice is very important.  Yes, even as devoted as I am to my art, I still find myself drawn away from the studio to play outside.  I have to constantly remind myself to focus, to 'develop a practice and submit to that'.  That may mean we miss out on some activities, maybe our house and laundry may not be perfect or done, maybe the meals we create are less than gourmet, but something has to give when you choose art as your career!
Hanging with those people that inspire you and spark your inner intention sure helps!  They get you and what you are doing!  Yes, hold those people tight, because there will be many in this world that don't understand you and  your decision to live a creative life.  If you make the decision to be an artist know that their will be many plateau's in life and your career but you must make the decision to just go through with it and create like you breathe.  Ginnie Cappaert
"Finally Understanding"  18x18" available at Arlo Gallery, New Orleans, LA; oil mixed media


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