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Thursday, October 13, 2016

"Something that is authentic 'rings true' for us.  It comes from an inner truth." - from the book Creative Authenticity by Ian Roberts

This morning part of my art tribe met to talk art books.  Everyone brought a book to share and I learned about some new artists I haven't heard about AND got so inspired!  I can't wait to hit my studio - soon!
The book I shared CREATIVE AUTHENTICITY is a wonderful read about being authentic in life and your art.  We often wonder what we are creating and if anyone really 'gets it' but as we focus on the authenticity of our own work and of our soul speaking, it is easy to see that what we are doing is exactly what we should be doing.
The author quotes, "The point is what the inner process of following your creative impulses will do, to you.  It is clearly about process.  Love the work, love the process."  I think the more we educate, share and expand upon the thoughts behind our 'process' as artists, our work becomes more acceptable and understood to collectors and the viewers.
In this book the author also states, "This is not the same as trying to get it perfect.  It just means trying to get it as right as you can as you go along.  "right' means being aligned to your idea.  Trying for perfection takes the life
out of expression." This statement alone stirred up a beautiful discussion at book club about 'perfectionism' and the act of creating.
Our wonderful little art book club group also talked about artists Jonathan Green and Blanche Lazzell, two artists that I had not heard of.  We also talked about Anne LaMott and her book 'Bird by Bird' and 'The Lonely City-Adventures of the Art of Being Alone.' - by Olivia Lang!  What a lovely way to start my morning - thank you to all who joined me this morning to encourage and inspire each other!
                                             "Fallen Leaves" oil on wood 40"x 36"

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