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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"The turtle is the only creature that can move forward - they can't go backward"  unknown

Yesterday I had this delightful woman in the gallery and we talked for quite a bit.  She was making a sort of 'retreat'/'pilgrimage' to Door County to honor and remember her good friend Roberta.  Roberta was a major supporter of arts in Door County and I heard a fabulous woman.  She passed away last year in August after an auto accident where she crashed into my gallery.
So some parts of our discussion had to do with taking time to just be.  Time to visit and cherish our friendships and families before they are gone.  A very important lesson in life.
This woman shared this story with me on the turtle only going forward not backward.  I, of course, wrote it down in my journal.  It has inspired me.  I want to be a turtle.
I'll be taking some days to work in my studio painting this week and I am so looking forward to contemplating the passage of time in the new pieces that I will be working on.  So when my 'working the gallery days' pulls me away from my 'painting in the studio days' I realize how important the balance in life can be and to honor that schedule and the passing of time.
This image was sent to me from one of my collectors.  A few years back I was in Santa Fe for the Canyon Road  Paint Out in October.  This collector had first seen my work there and this summer they bought a large painting here in Door County.  What a delightful small world it is.

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