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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Infuse your life with passion.  Inject new goals" - Melody Beattie (from one of her great books)

During some difficult times I read and re-read the words of author Melody Beattie.  She always had such good things to say, thoughts to ponder and help along the way.  She often wrote about the 'journey' and how important it is then she also said, "I've finally made enjoying the journey to achieving my goals one of my goals too".
One day I was reading how she suggests that we inject NEW goals into our lives.  If you really think about it the 'goals' we set when we were in our 20's or 30's may be different and really should be updated now that we are in our 40's.  She points out that even if we are happy with our lives and have reached our goals, that it doesn't hurt to grow, stretch and set new goals.  Keep life interesting!
So, as I sit for a few moments with my journal in hand, I contemplate my new list of goals, dreams, hopes and wishes.  I will, as she suggested, write them down and then I will put my list away and see what happens.  She also suggests that as we reach the new goals, we set even more new goals.  Growth is a good thing.  I invite you to update your list of goals...

                                            "Balance" oil/mixed media on panel, 24x24"

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