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Sunday, May 22, 2016

"allow yourself to be surprised..." - unknown

I have spent a little time on the computer today, mostly reading other artists blogs and thoughts.  We, as artists, have challenges in our careers and lives just like all other people.  But as artists, we often have a spirit that asks questions, wants to learn more, explore more, experiment, challenge ourselves,  grow and of course spend time in our studio.
Today I read in someone's blog (I wish I could remember which one) about allowing ourselves 'to be surprised'!  Like life, when we are working in the studio it is the little surprises that tend to keep us there..they keep us exploring and experimenting as we work on finishing one painting in order to start all over again on another one!

So, today and every day I hope that you allow yourself to be surprised!

Here are some things that surprise me:
1.  The natural beauty all around me.
2.  The painting when it is finished.
3.  The 'process'.
4.  That I rode 15 miles on my bike today without complaining.
5.  My drive and passion for art and life.
6.  My organization skills...sometimes...sometimes maybe not!
7.  The ability to pick myself up some days and continue on.
8.  The ability to have hope and faith.
9.  The ability to see the good in the bad.
10. How I see color.

What surprises you?

"Distant Range" 24 x 24" available at Globe Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

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