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Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Finding Out" Oil, cold wax on wood panel
"To be abstracted is to be at some distance from the material world" - from page one of the book AGNES MARTIN, HER LIFE AND ART BY NANCY PRINCENTHAL
I just spent the entire week painting!  Way too cold and snowy out to go for a horse ride so I dedicated my time to the studio AND I found out by rising early in the morning (to take my son to drivers ed class) I was able to get a whole lot more done in a day!
So my love of books continues.  I have a stack!  Actually several stacks, but we won't talk about that addiction.  Yesterday I opened the book on Agnes Martin (I LOVE her work) and didn't get past page one because the above quote on abstraction was the first sentence and it grabbed me and hasn't let me go yet!
Some abstract artists work in extreme forms of abstraction and some not so much.  I think my abstraction is slight as it is mostly landscape based.  This winter, though I had the urge to push a little bit out of the landscape/abstraction.  This little nudge resulted in some vertical divisions of space that are all about color interactions, texture and subtle line work.  Although I have some pieces that just didn't work - yet - I felt these two pieces spoke to me and are ready to fly!
"Finding out" and "What next" will be headed out to my galleries this Spring!
Here's hoping you have a great day - follow that little nudge - sometimes it works!
"What Next" Oil, cold wax on wood panel

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