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Monday, February 15, 2016

"The best things in life happen to you when you're alone." - Agnes Martin
Artist Residency, February, 2016, Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, Michigan

I had every intention of updating my blog posts on a daily basis while on my artist residency, however, there is just too much art to be made, so here I am on day 3.
I arrived on one of the coldest days of the year which only means that for the first time this year the ferry was 'frozen in'!  Luckily, there is this great little air service which shuttles people back and forth to the island via a tiny plane!  All went well. 
I arrived on the island and was escorted by the resort via snowmobile...here on the island there are no cars, in the summer it is horses or bicycles, but funny thing is in the winter it's only a few horses (taxi, mailman etc) and mostly snowmobiles.  The resort was kind enough to lend me a snowmobile to shuttle myself around in.  They are so accommodating!  Yesterday I rode around the entire island, it was a beautiful sunny day and I got some great photos for inspiration.
So what does one artist, me, do upon arrival to the Island...meet up with friends, go to the local 'chili-cook-off-contest', join in the local Saturday night cooking class sponsored by the island and featuring a different chef each week - you know these islanders know how to make fun things to do throughout the year!  Then we capped off the night by a very beautiful, meditative piano concert at St. Anne's church by a local pianist.  What a great day!
Valentines Day came next and I celebrated by going to the local little grocery store on the island to treat my self to some chocolate!  I spent the day just how I like it - painting!
My studio space "aka Johnson Hall" is the most amazing space!  Years ago I was in Provence and visited Cezanne's studio.  I remember the walk up the hill, the large windows that reached from high ceiling to floor, the amazing views and the natural light.  I can honestly compare my 'studio' space here at Mission Point to be similar to Cezanne's studio in Provence.  I am perched at the top of a hill overlooking the waters off the Island, the windows span from high ceiling to floor AND the light is phenomenal!  Todays work in the studio was a complete day of doing 'studies' of the winter skies...stay tuned to see what else I'm working on during the week.  If you would like to see pictures, please go to my Facebook Page, Ginnie Cappaert!

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