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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Remember, as artists, we don't know diddly.  We're winging it every day." - from the book THE WAR OF ART by Steven Pressfield

I agree!  I feel everyday is a learning day, sometimes don't know what I'm really doing and just want to start over, but one thing I do know...that I LOVE my painting/studio time!  The solitude to work on paintings and bring forth a feeling that is inside of you and portray it onto a canvas or piece of art is true magic!  and again...I know diddly...I don't really know how that happens, but it does!  It certainly happens to those creatives that actually go to their studio everyday!  Although not every day feels like a painting day, sometimes it is just a 'thinking' day or a 'meditating' day or a 'bookwork' day.  These are all part of the artistic process and some we like more than others but they are all part of the big package.
This winter I'm taking some time to play (I'm getting better at that) but I'm also focusing on my art.  Making some strides on some new pieces, preparing for my first ever artist residency in 2 weeks on Mackinac Island, MI, as well as taking care of the 'business' side of my gallery in Door County!  Somehow this all works and I am grateful.  So for now I will get back into my 'winter' studio because we truly are 'snowed in' here and again grateful for that!
Gratitude for the simple things in life!
Enjoying some winter studio time!
Winter in Door County - quiet!

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