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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Know where you want to go and be READY to go." - unknown

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for being allowed to be here on Mackinac Island at Mission Point Resort for my first Artist Residency.  This is an experience that every artist should have, the time to step away from your household chores, your own studio, your every day routine and be inspired by new surroundings and the time to focus on your artwork.
I've been using this time to do many things, all of which are art based or ME based.  These include getting around the island to 'absorb' the beautiful winter scenery via snowmobile; snowshoeing and xc skiing - the trails are wonderful; long, uninterrupted hours of studio work; journaling; picture taking; blogging; reading; popcorn and art movie nights; time for just sitting; time for just be-ing; journal-making; healing; sculpture/encaustic thoughts and prep work and more reading, writing and painting.
When I return from my residency, I will be one of the artists in a group show at the Miller Art Museum featuring artists working with wax.  As part of the 'healing' aspect of my quiet residency, I have started what I hope to be an encaustic/sculpture.  I started the other night by ripping up old journals that contained some heavy-heart thoughts and formed them into little 'bundles' which I then painted and will eventually 'seal' with encaustic wax (to never be opened again) and then form into a sculpture.  Sometimes you just have to 'bundle' up some thoughts and put them away for good (easier said than done)!
This image is the inside cover of a 'new' journal I started here on the Island.  New as in...new thoughts, new attitude, new days.
Forever inspired.  About 20 years ago I  belonged to an artist group in Iron Mountain.  As a young mother of 2 babies at the time, it was a real treat to 'get out of the house' one night a month and meet up with some very talented U.P. artists!  I'll always remember our handmade journal making sessions - I still have those journals in my 'stack'.  This summer I was inspired to make myself some new journals using the Coptic binding stitch - just like I had done years ago.  I dug out some old instructions, painted up some crazy, swirly papers and have spent a few nights 'sewing' the bindings on these journals...for ME!  A great winter evening pastime...I think I have enough to get me through the summer!
Well of course I painted while at my residency!  Here is a shot of my painting 'studio' in Johnson Hall, a light filled room reminiscent of Cezanne's studio in Provence that I visited a few years back.  The natural lighting was extraordinary and I can't wait to share with you some of the new paintings that developed but are not completely finished while here on this island.   February, 2016.
Ginnie Cappaert, Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, MI

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