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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

"What is important is that you believe." - from the audio book A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD by Goldie Hawn

And when I think of the word 'believe' it means many things to me and probably many different things to each and every one of us.
the work you do,
 the people you surround yourself with,
your artwork,
your journey,
your path,
your choices,
your children,
your yoga practice,
good karma,
your goals,

This world is a challenging place, and no one is free of suffering, however I truly believe that little acts of kindness pave the path for a brighter world. 
I've been finally getting some serious studio time in (now that my new gallery Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, in Door County) is closed for the season until May.  With that new feel of studio time, comes much thought, reflection, and of course painting time.  I know all summer as I longed to get uninterrupted days in the studio, I found myself journaling and internally contemplating my artwork.  Possible subtle shifts to more abstract, less landscape were 'brewing' inside of me...no major shifts, just subtle more gestural and more experimental.  I will continue to work in the peaceful studio and enjoy the quiet of winter.  Cheers to 2016!

Here are just a few of the new works I've been enjoying in my studio:
 Challenges, 30x30"
"Silent Poetry"  24x30"
"Lakeside Morning" 24x24"
all oil/mixed media on wood panel


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


How can one simple word  be so difficult to so many of us? 

We are in a crazy, busy world.  We are all trying to find our way yet enjoy the present moments.  Life truly is a balancing act, we've heard it many times.  We, especially women, seem to juggle our lives, our passions, time for ourselves, full time jobs, caring for a home and children.  At times it seems overwhelming.  We find, however, that when we take the time for our passions and time for ourselves that somehow many of the other parts of life become so much more satisfying.  True!

Balance in art, especially abstract art is important.  "One way balance is established in artwork is through the interplay of line and form.  Balanced compositions with smooth-flowing repetitive lines and well-spaced rounded forms tend to emanate a sense of calm and gentle movement.  Unbalanced compositions with jagged lines, intersections, severe angles and sharp angular forms create a sense of tension and drama." - from Professional Artist Magazine, May 2014.

Today I spent an entire day in the studio.  It was heavenly.  I worked on 'balance' in my paintings by experimenting with some new shapes and forms.  I worked on 'balance' in my life by doing some yoga and going for a walk as well as the normal house hold chores.  Somehow it seems there never is enough time in the day to 'do it all' - here's hoping you find some 'balance' to your day!  Enjoy!
"Santa Fe I" Commissioned painting just shipped to California


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