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Monday, September 28, 2015

The joy of living in such an artistic community!

Being here in Door County has brought much joy to me, mostly because I am surrounded by wonderful, inspiring and caring artists!
They have all welcomed me to this beautiful area and I feel blessed to have made so many new friends!
This Saturday, October 3 from 1-3 pm, I will be opening my little log studio in the back gardens of the gallery and demo'ing my painting process.  Just down the road, Juddville Clay Studio, owned by artists Rebecca Carlton and Tony Staroska will also open their studio's for our joint 'artist demo's day'! 
We hope you can join us for some good art conversation while we work and refreshments this Saturday from 1-3 pm.
"Fallen Leaves" oil mixed media on panel

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"FRAGMENTED"  Dictionary says:  existing or functioning as though broken into separate parts.

One of the pure joys of owning your own gallery is the engaging conversations you have with people from all over...who love art!   In May I had this wonderful discussion with fellow artist Kathy, about art and layers and life.  That evening I wrote my thoughts in my journal regarding how art and the process relate to life.
Words like:  "destroying the surface could bring some wonderful surprises from deep within"; "don't let fear stop you"; "how do I know what lies underneath that top layer will be good?' and so on.
Thought provoking tidbits of words from our conversation which then transformed into a painting which I titled "Fragmented Words" which will be included in the benefit show for "Write-On" of Door County.  This exhibit opens at Edgewood Orchard Gallery with a reception on September 26, 1-5 pm and will feature works by the Gallery artists 'with a story to tell'.
"Fragmented Words" Oil/Mixed media on panel

Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Notes from journal:  'get out of your comfort zone'; 'connect with your work, create an emotional response to the memory of a landscape'; 'of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult' and 'give yourself permission.'
As we transition from the glorious, more carefree days of summer to the beautiful, routine and relaxed days of autumn may we never forget that each day, each moment is a gift.
What a week!  Good and Bad...
On the good side I had an opportunity to take a writing/art workshop with Suzi Banks Baum and she re-ignited my excitement to start journaling again more faithfully.  I guess the last two years my journals have been focused on personal matters.  It is time to turn the page and get back to journaling about my art, thoughts and words related to life and art and how they circle each other.  One of the many great things that I contemplated from that day of writing and art and sharing is this thought:  "Give yourself permission"...YES!  We can give ourselves permission to take the whole day to paint or work on our art, we can take time to read that good book or go for a walk, we don't need to feel guilty about taking time to do all the wonderful things in life!  Thank you Suzi for that reminder!
So, as we all prepare for a wonderful weekend to celebrate Labor Day, may we all remember to give ourselves permission!  Permission to play, to dream OR whatever makes your heart sing!

"Brilliant Autumn" 48x48" available at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery
"Distance" 24x48" available at Edgewood Orchard Galleries
Some of my newest autumn inspirations!


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