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Saturday, August 8, 2015

"The forms need breathing space and light in order to be seen." - Shaun McNiff (Trust the Process - wonderful book)

As I am surrounded by beauty everywhere, here at my gallery in Door County, WI; my home in Michigan and my travels in the US and abroad, I am continually in awe of the colors and textures of the space around me.  Most importantly, I am grateful for the 'eyes' and 'vision' to actually 'see' and feel all this beauty around me.

WE all have that ability to see and appreciate what surrounds us, sometimes though it is hard to remember to 'look' and 'feel' what is right in front of us, speaking to us.  I just had a conversation today with a couple in the gallery about how my travels and surroundings influence my work, even if it is a bit subconsciously.  I was reflecting on how the colors especially are changed or subtly enhanced by my travels.  For instance, when I returned to my Michigan studio from a short trip to Ireland last fall, I realized months after that many of my paintings consisted of large area's of 'green'.  Another obvious influence is my time spent in Santa Fe, NM...the light there is amazing and when I work there for a few weeks each Spring, I come back with a palette filled with bright color.  Now that I am spending my summers in-between my Michigan home and my Door County gallery, I am noticing that the gardens and their vibrant beauty are subtly influencing my newest works
I always enjoy looking back through the book 'Trust the Process'.  This quote from page 105 inspired my artful thoughts for today, "The perennial garden has been my best teacher on the process of elimination.  If I don't regularly thin the plants, the roots will choke one another.  They get too thick and cluttered.  The same thing happens to a painting or drawing.  The forms need breathing space and light in order to be seen."

Breathing space and light are two thoughts that I shall carry with me into the studio as I continue to work on a few commissions that I have been enjoying working on.

                                          "Happiness" - sold at Lafontsee Galleries


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