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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Never get so busy that you lose the 'love' of the process!  Remember this!" - Ginnie Cappaert, a quote from a journal entry in 2013

Well, it's here, my new gallery CAPPAERT CONTEMPORARY GALLERY is up and running AND amidst all the 'business' side of opening a gallery, I failed at keeping good studio time at the top of my list.  I felt the pull. I couldn't do much about it.  NOW, though, I realize that for my soul it is very important...so I've been in the studio every day this week..and I AM SO HAPPY!

My art is the one thing that no one, no one can take away from me.  The whole complete process of layering paint on panel is a source of great comfort and joy and peace to me.  I am so glad that I realize that I need it everyday! 
My summer studio is surrounded by gardens and a spectacular view of trees and the water, yes the water!  Sitting high atop the bluff in Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin, I am absorbing inspiration from the beautiful views outside my studio.  I'm carving out time in the morning and evenings to get dirty and throw paint around and it feels good to my soul!
I am finding so much joy, so much joy in the art scene here in Door County!  I have made so many friends, met so many artists and gallery owners and EVERYONE is wonderful!  There truly is a positive, upbeat art vibe here!  I see that we are all 'doing what we love' and living in a truly beautiful and inspiring area...CHEERS to a great season for ME and ALL the galleries and boutiques and business owners in Door County!  I feel blessed to be a part of it!
Ginnie Cappaert
7901 State Hwy 42
Egg Harbor, WI 54209

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