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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"These are the days that must happen to you." - Walt Whitman

These are the days...these are the small parts...the particles that form together to 'make the big picture'.  All of these 'parts' become one...one life, one adventure, one moment and they all connect with each other to form the whole.
Some days are so hard to understand, so hard to understand the why, the where are you going, the process, the plan.  Some days are so easy to understand, so easy to understand the dreams, the desires, the plan.
I'm in a current state of 'juggle' right now and it is NOT one of my favorite.  I'm juggling all these thoughts and wondering if I am really doing the right thing in my life/career but deep down inside I know that this is the only way!  This is what I have dreamed about and worked so hard for...it is here!
After working weeks on end getting the new gallery space ready to open (with lots of help from many, many friends), it is just about ready!  So excited to officially open CAPPAERT CONTEMPORARY GALLERY on May 7!  (although I have been open a bit for sneak peaks while I've been there working)
So as I put final touches on getting the new space ready, I have to say...I couldn't have done it without all the amazing people, friends and family, that have helped me along the way, including the many talented artists that are joining me as we create a gallery space filled with inspiring artwork!
I am truly blessed!

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