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Friday, March 13, 2015

"Seek Balance.  Alternate work with play."

Sometimes a difficult thing to do, but ultimately what we should all strive for.  For me, routine helps me to keep some sort of 'balance' going in my life, and saving time to play is very important.

We as a culture, more than ever, seem to be striving for balance in our lives.  We are realizing how important it is to a happy, joyful life.  We seem to want to start realizing what the 'important things in life are' and taking time for them.

As women, as artists, as business owners, we put many demands on ourselves, much pressure, but those of us that succeed realize how important balance is.  I, as an artist, realize that my most creative, energy filled time is in the morning.  That is why I make sure I do some exercise, yoga or meditation before my day in the studio truly  begins.  Then as I settle in with a cup of tea and my journal I am ready to proceed to some serious studio time for the rest of the morning.  This is most days.  As the afternoon approaches, I feel my focus and energy declining and realize that it is the perfect time for me to switch gears to the 'business side' of my life.

That is how I keep things balanced.  I hope that you also find balance in your life, you are worth the play time, the relaxing time, the yoga, the exercise, the horse ride, the fresh air....just do it!

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