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Saturday, March 21, 2015

1.  the importing or exchanging of information and news.
2.  means of connection between people or places
3.  a verbal or written message
4.  art

Communication is a very important tool to human relationships and the exciting and sometimes challenging part of communication is that we are all different in our preferred method of communication.  Patience and understanding is probably just as important as communication skills.

With the new technology age that we are in, many tend to communicate via texting, facebook messenger, emails, blogs, etc.  And these are all wonderful and easy ways to communicate but we must be careful to not lose that person-to-person communication.  I am sometimes guilty of that.

I find that often times my 'communication' skills or thoughts are often blogged about (here), written about in my journals, or expressed through my painting and process of working in the studio.  We all have different ways of communicating and it is important to respect and understand each others ways.  Remember it is all our differences that make this world so interesting.

I was chatting art with an artist friend of mine whose work I admire and she was calling herself a 'storyteller' as much as an 'artist' because each of her paintings have a 'story' behind them which isn't always shared with anyone other than the artist.  This is true art, when a painting is created with thoughts, feelings, stories, I feel it becomes 'real' - not just a pretty picture.

As in life, it is the differences in art that make the art world so wonderful!  Soon I will be opening my new gallery CAPPAERT CONTEMPORARY GALLERY in the Midwest art mecca of Door County!  As I selected artists in all mediums to represent at the gallery, I was thrilled to have so many talented artists each working in a specific medium and on 'their own artistic path' which makes their art so unique.

I look forward to sharing and communicating the unspoken messages of creating art with the collectors that visit my gallery.
Sometimes no 'communication' is needed.  Sometimes you can just enjoy nature and become inspired and uplifted as it speaks to you.
As an artist, I often find my best ways of 'communicating' are through writing my thoughts down then following through with those thoughts into a painting.  'Communicating' a certain 'feel' into a painting is magical.  A feeling of serenity, joy, peace, happiness, bliss...whatever that feeling may be, 'communicating' via painting works for me!

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