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Monday, January 12, 2015

"Being an artist is like breathing.  It's this incredible urge to create, that you can't question.  Like breathing you just have to do it, or else you will die." - Marina Abramovic

I LOVE blogs, especially artist blogs, reading thoughts, feelings and experiences that other artists experience seems to re-energize me and make me get back into that studio.  Today I checked out one of my favorite blogs 'textures, shapes, colors' and found this wonderful quote, and if you are an artist, a true artist, you will really understand these thoughts.
Painting chooses us, we don't choose it...I think I heard that one somewhere too, but in all reality, when we are dedicated to our art practice and career, we find nothing more fulfilling than to actually be in the studio working.
My work has 'shifted' and 'taken different paths' over the past span of 20+ years of my art career.  None of which I would have changed because I think they were all very important in the 'journey' and to get me to the ultimate artistic path that I am on now.  My work now is very calming to me, very serene yet colorful, very peaceful and it is all of these aspects of my work that I feel so comfortable with.  It took me a long time to get there!
Take a look at your path, follow your passion, live your dream, and never regret a single step of the journey - it was all meant to be!
                                                     "Shoreline" - a series

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