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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"I haven't been everywhere - bit it's on my list" - unknown

Having just returned from a 2 week painting expedition to the amazing island of Ireland, I find myself back in my 'white' Michigan studio surroundings so inspired to bring the suggestion of rocky cliffs, sea shores, crashing waves, fog and green land into my work.  Although it is 'white' here - it was very 'green' there...and I don't think I have ever seen so many cows or sheep in my life!
I loved the city-scene in Dublin...the pubs, the art, but as you know, it is the quiet countryside where I feel the most peace...and where inspiration from the landscape resonates with me and my art.

The landscape was breathtaking, and although it is their winter as well, we really experienced some nice weather which made our hiking and exploring days the best!
Yes!  This really is how 'green' it was there!  I was with a group of wonderful artists from all over the world, painting in a remote little village  in the North Mayo area.  A few of us would take a break from some intense studio work to 'explore a road less traveled' which indirectly affected our work when we returned to the studio.
I was in awe of the landscape, I can still feel the breeze, the textures and the colors as I work in my studio today in Michigan!
As I would walk through the  village, I couldn't help but notice this beautiful variety of hydrangea's!  I can see that color inspiring some pieces as well.  The village we stayed in was tiny, with their pastures all around.  Seeing farmers herding their sheep and being greeted every morning by some sweet cows as I walked to my studio was a real treat.
The textures of Ireland really inspired my work while there.  I can see my 'horizon' lines in my paintings becoming more rough, jagged and textured.  On one of our hikes we explored a fossil beach which was amazing...again it's the texture that inspires me.
This adventure to Ireland was definitely a 'journey of discovery'... a chance to know myself, focus on my work and experience some solitude mixed with the energy of other great artists that I am happy to now include in my 'artist friend' list.  Memories....where shall I paint next...hmmm.....

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I apologize...I didn't do an inspiring quote on Saturday...but today is Sunday and here is the news I promised you!
Some exciting news to share!
Ginnie Cappaert
Art & Garden Gallery
This is the news you have been waiting for!
Dear Friends:

Twenty years ago I had a dream to open a small shop that would be open part time featuring artwork, flowers, and gifts.  At the time I had one little girl and a one-stall garage that was attached to my home.  Soon I had one little girl and one little boy and really wanted to be home with them, so I decided to follow my dream and opened my shop, even though the odds were against me with it being a home-business, in a rural area, etc.  Eventually I added a big gallery space, a potting shed, and one more son.  When I look back on those days, I really wonder how I did it all.  Most of you remember the kids toddling around the shop all of those years - and what fun it was! (Two of them are now in college!)
With a strong desire to make it all work, with faith and belief that I could do it - I did!  My business developed into a full-time shop featuring my artwork, custom framing, and flowers.  I loved every aspect of it and was so happy to share my talents and passion.
This year has been a challenging year for me personally.  I realize everbody's road gets rocky sometime, and I really believe in my heart that when you are given a rocky road to travel, something really, really good is around the corner, or even handed to you.  Let me explain.
I always had the dream of moving my gallery to a more 'tourist' location once my children were finished with high school.  Where, I wasn't sure.  Traverse City? Door County? Santa Fe?  This past summer I was scouting out some real estate and through word-of-mouth was introduced to this wonderful couple who owns a gallery in Door County.  Because of health and retirement reasons, they were looking to 'lease with an option to buy' their gallery in Egg Harbor.  I am telling you, 'all the stars were aligned,' and it didn't take me but a moment to look into this and realize that this was what I wanted!
The gallery is a historical log building on the highway with simple living space upstairs - for me - sitting high on the bluff with a view of the water and sunsets.  Gardens surround the gallery, and there is a separate, small log studio in the gardens that I will use as my studio space to paint.  Pinch me!
So, it is with bittersweet feelings that I have to tell you that I will be closing my gallery space and business in Stephenson after Christmas, 2014.  I will, however still be doing flowers for weddings because that is just a pure joy and passion that I am not ready to let go of yet!
My new gallery in Egg Harbor (which is yet to be named - help!) will be open seasonally from May through October.  I will have an employee which will allow me time to come home to 
Stephenson and do the wedding work and hang out with friends and family.  Then when winter sets in, you will find me happily spending quiet moments in my studio/home in Stephenson and catching up on all that horseback riding I missed all summer!
With tears in my eyes, I thank you, and I am ever grateful for all your support of my business and passion for the last two decades!  All of you are very special to me, and now I hope you will keep in touch and visit my new gallery space in Egg Harbor!

With sincere gratitude, 

Ginnie Cappaert

Remember...the Artist Studio Tour is still on for Friday and Saturday, November 28,29
9am-4pm...Inventory sale starts then!
Back Deck of Gallery
This is where we will gather for wine to watch the sunset on the beautiful Door County Summer evenings!
The 'view' from gallery
Yes, the view from the gallery is beautiful!  High up on the bluffs of Egg Harbor!
My little log studio
This sweet little log studio will be where you can find me painting in the summer!

Friday, November 7, 2014

An exciting day lies ahead for me, and I won't be in the studio even though it is one of my favorite places to be!
Have a great day everyone!

"Every blade of grass has its
Angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow" - The Talmud

                                 This painting "echo" is one of my all-time favorites....now at
                                            the William & Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yesterday I took a solitary hike to a beautiful natural area, finding peace along the trail, just listening to the water rushing through the rapids, sitting in the warmth of the stones by the shore...as my friend Connie would say..."Living the dream" - (but I did work all weekend)...
Sometimes the soul needs a quiet little break to allow you to come back refreshed and ready for what lies ahead.

Here is the quote for today:
"Always remember that you are never given a dream without also having been given the power to make it come true." - Richard Bach

Silence, 48x42", oil on panel


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