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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"We are all far more gifted and far more variously gifted than we imagine" - Julia Cameron, from page 322 of her book The Vein of Gold.

Often times I refer to quotes or thoughts from this book that I keep close at hand in my studio.  Re-reading and contemplating almost every page sometimes fills idle moments in the studio.  Today I opened the book to page 322 and the chapter titled CEILINGS.   Without even reading the whole chapter, many thoughts came to my mind.
Do we create 'ceilings' or 'limits' on our creativity, our passions, our dreams?  Do our radiant energies sometimes get pushed to the side?  Are we too harsh on ourselves?  Are we too limiting of ourselves?

So many thoughts to ponder on this beautiful Sunday.  There is something about a summer sunday...whether at the beach (taking my paddle board and REMEMBERING my paddle this time!)  or working away in the studio...I always have to remind myself that LIFE IS GOOD!
                     "Intentions"  48x48", oil on wood panel at LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, MI

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