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Thursday, March 20, 2014

"I found I could say things with colour and shape that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for" - Georgia O'Keeffe

I have spent a glorious two weeks in my lovely Santa Fe, New Mexico.  By myself and with husband and friends, the time went so quickly.  Filling in the moments by myself with painting, exploring, absorbing the light and the artistic inspiration that is all around as well as meeting up with old friends and making new friends in this art-filled area!

This year I explored more outside of the city to include trips to Los Alamos, Taos and my favorite Abuiqui!  The beautiful canyons, rock formations, mountains, and blue sky have stolen a little section of my heart, oh my!  This trip to Ghost Ranch was amazing!  We had a guided tour through the land which is off limits to most (we booked this trip back in December) and it was so worth it.  I actually walked in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keeffe and stood where she painted many of her famous paintings so long ago.
As many of you know, last year while I was here I had secured gallery representation at Darnell Fine Art on Canyon Road...and sold lots and lots of paintings in the short time that I was in the gallery.  The gallery sold this past autumn and artist/owner Rachel Darnell is off to greater things - like working on her own art.
My intention this year was to find another gallery to represent me...and on Canyon Road, the world famous 'art road'!   And I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU to Waxlander Gallery for taking me on - I am honored beyond words!   This gallery was started over 30 years ago by artist Phyllis Kapp and is still going strong.  I love their roster of artists and the wonderful staff- I know I will be in good hands!
This is my last day here in sunny Santa Fe and it is bittersweet, but I am excited to get back to my large studio and to put all this inspiration that I absorbed the past two weeks onto canvas...I am grateful and blessed and am looking forward with a renewed enthusiasm for everything I do.
Waxlander Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM


  [adj. bit-er-sweetbit-er-sweet; n. bit-er-sweet]  Show IPA
both bitter and sweet to the taste: bittersweet chocolate.
both pleasant and painful or regretful: a bittersweet memory.

Congratulations Ginnie! I love New Mexico as well. Hope I get to go back soon.
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