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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The meaning of life is to see." - Hui Neng

Wow, this winter is really something!  Some of these days are so, so cold that I am glad to be in the studio, but then again, I am grateful to be in the studio EVERYDAY!
Why is it as we get older, that our 'time' to do everything we want to do seems to become more limited, more precious?  This past year I temporarily opted out of my book club so that I could focus on some 'me' books that have been piling up around me...and of course they are all art books (see my previous post for a great list!).  I am enjoying it!  Here is the view from my yoga mat and stacks of books....
So, today, with the wind chills way below zero, I am browsing a book that I have read/skimmed through a zillion times..."The Vein of Gold" by Julia Cameron.  On page 331 I wish to share with you what she calls the


1.  Survival Rule Number One is Acceptance.
2.  Don't Judge It.
3.  Defend Your Process.
4.  Never Let Anybody Tell You What to Create.
5.  Maintain Your Creative Health.
6.  Grieve Your Losses.
7.  Create for Revenge.
8.  Remember That the part of us that creates is an Inner Youngster.
9.  Find your Believing mirrors and stick close to them.
10. Ignore the Odds.

Very powerful...she has so much to say!  Dear artist friends...we are on an interesting, creative path, and by all means IT IS NOT AN EASY ONE....keep on working!  Here's wishing you a powerful, creative day!

                                                Works in progress...enjoying January, 2014!

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