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My favorite 'art reads' for 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"...sustaining a creative life means that life has to be nourished first.  Creativity follows sustenance." - from the book LIVING AND SUSTAINING A CREATIVE LIFE  40 essays by working artists - edited by Sharon Louden


My art book collection got  a little bigger ... again... this year, and I just wanted to share some of my favorite reads with you.   As a studio artist, you find yourself spending a lot of time alone, and hopefully surrounded with things you love....one of those things for me is BOOKS!  Some of my favorite reads this year:

1.  Living and Sustaining a Creative Life - essays by 40 working artists - edited by Sharon Louden
   I loved this short read that just came out this fall.  It was an essay format where 40 artists wrote about living and how they 'keep-on' with their creative lives.  The artists were from all types of backgrounds and lived in big cities as well as rural Wisconsin.  It was so interesting to read what works and doesn't work for other artists, how they have developed their artistic lives...I definitely recommend this one!

2.  This year, via Facebook, I discovered the art of Lawrence Carroll (and loved it!)   He uses a muted palette and I think that is what draws me to his work - how he can simply 'move' the viewer by his simplistic view.  So Christmas I had on my list his book titled Lawrence Carroll and my wonderful husband bought it for me...I haven't put it down!

3.  Joan Mitchell, Lady Painter, A Life by Patricia Albers.   I read this book earlier in the year and so enjoyed reading about the life of another woman artist, albeit in earlier times.  Not only do I LOVE her work, it's freedom, but the story was well written and very, very interesting!

4.  As you all know, I have this certain love for New Mexico...especially the Santa Fe area and spend a couple weeks there each year.  I so enjoy my time away to 'paint/work' in the desert.  Another book I enjoyed reading was Georgia O'Keeffe and Her Houses by Barbara Buhler Lynes and Agapita Judy Lopez.  This was a wonderful picture book filled with information on Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu Homes...it got me through some difficult moments when I had wished I was back in Santa Fe and not in Stephenson!   But remember....bloom where you are planted!

5.  Art & Fear by David Bayless & Ted Orland  is probably a re-read book (about 3-4 times) but I tell you I learn, I get inspired and I continue on...after I read this book.   All artists have 'fears'...the ones that succeed have learned to overcome their fears...I highly recommend this one too!

As we celebrate this New Year, may we be thankful for all that we have...ME, I'm thankful for MANY, MANY THINGS...but especially my books (even though my sons threaten to start selling them on ebay - they better not!)


I'm reading Art and Fear now. And I will have to add the rest of those books on my to-read list for 2014. thanks Ginnie and happy new year!
Ginnie I LOVE Lawrence Carroll - what is the book title? He's marvelous...

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