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Sunday, November 17, 2013

"If you really want something you can figure out how to make it happen" - Cher


Yesterday was one of those days...I was actually working all day on three huge paintings and they were just 'really happening'...things were flowing, so you wonder how can I get so excited about that???  Well, that just doesn't happen every day, so when it does, I am thankful for it!  I started early and when I looked at my clock it was already 4:00, I wish I could bottle these days up!
Also a fun part of my day was all the visitors to my studio, especially the two new collectors that instantly fell in love with my work after seeing it hanging in their friends homes.   It was great to have a little 'art chat' with them and  a nice little break from my painting focus.
BUT TO TOP THE DAY OFF...that evening I went to our local Wild Rice Concerts, which are home concerts by independent musicians and they are ALWAYS FABULOUS!  So as an independent artist (painter) myself, I know how hard these musicians work at their passion, thus I wish to share with you the wonderful group, Small Forest, out of Door County!  The mother, Jeanne Kuhns, and daugher Marybeth Mattson have magical voices, sweet personalities and an AMAZING TALENT!
To end the concert they had played the song Cowabella (mustang lullaby) and here is a youtube video of it...
It is amazing and has beautiful scenery...please take the time to watch it.  and then there is the daughter,
Marybeth Mattson (http://marybethmattson.com/) who is just as talented as her mom and is making a name for herself in the music world as well!  Her song "Glory" was one of my favorites, if I had to choose a favorite that is.
So, as I work in my studio on this overcast Sunday, I am thankful for independent artists everywhere that make this world such an amazing place...thank them and support them...you have no idea how hard they work!!!

This image is a photograph that a friend had taken for me...a sky view shot of Door County...I can see a painting happening here...

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