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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Simplicity in art is not at all simple to achieve.' - Otto Weiss

Last night I was reading one of the art books from my 'stack' (Realistic Abstracts by Kees van Aalst) and was stopped in my tracks by the paragraph on Simplicity.  Here it is:

"Simplification is the key word for producing a successful work of art.  The paradoxical combination of opposing ideas is a prerequisite for a good composition.  Repetition and alternation, simplicity and complexity, clarity and obscurity are contrasts that will give the work power and tension.  They will provide your work with vitality and rhythm."

In my paintings I am striving to take a 'landscape' and pare it down to the 'bare minimum' HOWEVER, that does not mean it is simple or easy!  I struggle with each new painting I make...it doesn't get any easier.  I put so much thought and so many layers and time into each painting ( my husband thinks I'm crazy - because he see's the whole process) as I create complex textures/colors/layers...only to take them back to clarity and simplicity.   I guess as they say it is the 'process' that matters...and you must enjoy the process as much as the finished  outcome.  

So....because of this 'process'...most days you will find me in my studio...and happy to be able to do it!

Enjoy the 'simple' things in your life...

  This painting "Mesa" is in my studio drying....before it finds a new home at a gallery or juried exhibition.

     This painting "Wings" is all about growing your 'wings' and actually being able to use them! Grateful!

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