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Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Paradise is where I am" - Voltaire

To be surrounded by such beauty is true magic.  To be appreciative of that beauty that surrounds you is a gift.  Often times I get discouraged because I live in such a rural area, but when I come to my senses I end up actually very grateful that I live in such a rural area...for it is this quiet that allows me time to paint.  This picture is of one of my favorite places to escape to...Lake Superior..and although it's not 'out my back door' it is an easy 2 hour drive.

Recently I traveled to the South of France and spent some glorious days under the Provence Sun...the colors, the bright skies, the old buildings, the good food, the memories will all - somehow subconsciously - work their way into my new works.

Being back in my studio brings a real 'pure' joy to my heart and soul.  The process of working on these new panels that were just delivered last week uplifts me to a true happiness.  Every year when I have these panels built, I struggle with what sizes to order, what will people want this year- luckily my builder is flexible and he can build any size at any time!  So this year I took my list of what sold and am working on those same sizes this year...and I am finding that they were mostly large sizes...32x40" and LARGER or very small 6x6" which were used in 'groupings'....So...let the fun begin...I LOVE WORKING LARGE!...and you should see the pieces in the works...can't move in this little space...but I am surrounded by some beautiful fall weather, the gorgeous landscape around me, hot tea... AND lots of new paints and panels...doesn't get any better than this!  Enjoy your day!

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