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Thursday, August 1, 2013

"There is a force within that gives you life.  Seek that" - Rumi

I don't know where I saw this quote, but I LOVE it and I wanted to share it with you today!  My summer has been quite hectic, but all good AND I am sure yours has been busy as well!   Why do we try to 'cram' so much fun into such a short time?
I have spent much of the summer days in my studio this year, and that is just fine!  I have been able to keep the momentum going as long as I took a couple little 'breaks' or 'play days'.  I know as an artist, we need to be very dedicated to our work, but it sometimes is the simple little moments when we aren't painting (like laying in the hammock watching the clouds, hiking or horseback riding through the rugged wilderness that surrounds us, sitting at the beach)....all these moments eventually go full circle and tend to show up in my work usually as color or textural influences.
This weekend I am a featured artist at Bell St. Gallery on Madeline Island and I look forward to the reception on Saturday evening to meet the many collectors that I have in that area, but also, I look forward to taking some time to just 'be' - to 'enjoy that force that gives me life'!
Have a great weekend!
                                                  Drifting   30"x24"

                                              Silence 46"x42"
                                    (both of these available at Bell St. Gallery, Madeline Island, WI)

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