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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"I listen to the wind, I listen to my heart, That's how I live my life." - anonymous

That blank white canvas space SCARES ME TO DEATH...every time I start a large piece I get this little butterfly inside of me filled with fears...why...that's so crazy!  But I know many artists deal with the same fears.  Then I listen to my heart, start painting and the world around me disappears.  Ahhhh...the joy of painting!  I am working on a large commission and that may be a little bit of a reason for the 'fear', but I should know better...trust the process!
So, as we approach this 4th of July weekend, I shall leave you with a new painting titled "Getting There".  (and I'm hoping my commission piece continues to work well and is 'getting there' soon!

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