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Saturday, July 20, 2013

"color takes away from textural involvement" - Wolf Kahn

I watched a video on one of my favorite artists, Wolf Kahn, awhile back and was taking notes in my art journal...this simple little statement stuck with me.

As I work on my 'color fields' abstracted landscape pieces, I find that color definitely is my strong point, so I don't want to diminish the importance of color in my work, but I am longing for some simple whites/creams to appear.  I have found during my art journey that when thoughts enter your mind..they somehow come out and appear on your canvas...whether you want them to or not.

Recently I completed a large commissioned piece that was quite specific on the colors, the client/gallery owner gave me guidance and knew what exactly would work for the space.  It had a large white/cream space, which isn't my typical and while I was working on it I wasn't quite sure, but I have learned that sometimes just waiting it out makes it all work again!

This weekend I delivered the commission to a contemporary home in Bar Harbor...they loved it, it was perfect!  So.....moral of the story is...I need to follow my thoughts and get some more white/cream spaces into my work...it is ok...I'm giving myself permission.

 This piece "Ruins" 36x24" could very well be a good start to my new thoughts.  I have it hanging in my living room now...I need to live with it for awhile and make sure it works.  I think it may....I love it more every day!

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