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Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Chance is always powerful.  Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish." - Ovid

Positive thinking, reaching beyond what you are capable of, stepping back when you need to, follow your heart....it's all good!
Living a creative life is like swimming in a big pool, some days you can get far, sometimes you barely seem to stay afloat, sometimes you really enjoy the 'feel' of it, sometimes the waves are powerful, yet somehow you swim and don't sink.  I'm lucky, very lucky, and I continue to paddle through this artistic little world that I have created around me...and I continue to share it with the world.

Seems most days I am in the studio 'working on some new pieces' that 'will be shipped off to one of the many wonderful galleries that represent me' YET, I never seem to tire of this 'process' this 'path' that I am on.  Sure, there are a few little changes I would like to make, but for the most part the 'path' is an interesting one and as in your life, the 'winding' of the path seems to make you appreciate the journey even more.

My current body of work seems to be getting a little more colorful, yet still filled with subtle mark-makings and lots of texture.  My gallery "Darnell Fine Art" in Santa Fe, NM, has titled my work COLOR FIELD ABSTRACTED LANDSCAPES...and I really like that!   I think it easily sums up what I am trying to accomplish with my work!

So, as I continue on my creative path...forever enjoying the process...I hope that you are enjoying your 'path' as well!

This image "Early Morning" is available at Tvedten Fine Art, Harbor Springs, Michigan - great gallery, sweet town...on the water!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

“Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus. Muses are too unreliable to keep on the payroll.”
― Helen Hanson

As I was browsing facebook, I came across an article about the muse, getting to work on your art and many similar topics.  It is true-as an artist somedays your 'muse' is out day dreaming and no work gets done in the studio...I particularily find this difficult to do on a beautiful sunny day.  
Art is not easy.  Artists must not only create the work, but market themselves, do the book work and all the other incidentals that go along with an art career.  Staying focused is of utmost importance.  
So, what about when your 'muse' is not cooperating?  What do you do?
I have learned to make sure that I get 'to the studio' everyday...even if I don't feel like it!  I think this is part of my life being.  Even if it is a Sunday, I find so much comfort, energy and passion inside my studio walls that I don't really call it work..I call it enjoyment.  I find on days when my 'muse' is cooperating that I can make amazing progress on paintings, yet somedays when my 'muse' isn't so helpful I still find that I can get things accomplished in other areas...like organization and cleaning.   AND as those of you who know me..my studio isn't really organized so that must mean my 'muse' is usually there for me as  a painting partner!
Here's to our muse!!!
It's beautiful summer days like this (that I can't wait for) - soon - that makes my 'muse' say 'take a break'!
My bookshelf in my studio is filled with great art reading material for days when I am in the studio and my 'muse' is not there!  Complete with a wonderful stash of tea!
Here is a shot of my studio, where I usually have several paintings in the works..on good days!


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