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Friday, March 22, 2013

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Settled back in.

Those of you who followed my blog/adventures in Santa Fe, know that I had a wonderful time and I am now back home - settled in to my studio and real life routine.  I made so many wonderful connections and new friends while in Santa Fe that I just can't wait to return...but for now, I am finding much joy  working on some new, large panels that were just delivered by my 'builder' upon my return home.    I am thankful.

So, notice on these works in progress (I think I only have layer 10 out of 40 so far - so they have  a long ways to go yet - but whose keeping track anyway) - that there is lots of COLOR!  What's up with that?  I think it was the colorful, bright sunny influence of Santa Fe that followed me home to the U.P.  But the 'process' may take me to a journey that will eventually lead to more muted colors/values...but then again maybe not.
While I was in Santa Fe, I gave a demo at Artisan on the topic of 'The importance of Layers in your work' - and I keep going back to thoughts and ideas of the layering process and realize that it truly is this 'process' that keeps me working day after day.  When I start a piece, I have no pre-conceived idea of where or what this painting will turn out like...It is this 'mystery' or 'sense of unknown' that I love about my work...it wouldn't nearly be as fun if I knew the outcome.  This doesn't mean it is easy working in this matter.  It is hard when you have an area of 'layers' that you love but know you must 'go over it' or 'keep working it' so that something better can come out of something that already has great parts.  Does this make sense?  As I ramble here, it truly is the process that I enjoy so much.
This image is a 'closeup' of one of the works in progress, and actually I think since I took the photo, it's already been altered and layered upon.   You wonder why?   Well, as I work (as in life) nothing can be too precious, every day is a gift and change and growth are a good thing!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  (Did I tell you I have been happily snow-shoeing every morning even though the temps here in the early a.m. are in the teens....just had to let all my lucky Santa Fe friends know what we deal with in Michigan....but love it!)

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