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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Day 7, Wednesday

Feeling Better.
Compound for Lunch.
Bead store.
Tea House - scone & cream.
More Painting.

When today started out, I thought that I would skip the blog today because it didn't seem like there was anything exciting happening, although I was enjoying the sun and a quiet day.  Then as the afternoon got rolling and I made some wonderful discoveries...I just had to share it with you.

First, a little history...Canyon Road...is a short road in the heart of Santa Fe...best to be walking...and it is lined with galleries - lots of galleries and a few restaurants...but mostly wonderful galleries, both contemporary and South West.  The gallery spaces themselves were long-ago homes, which make them very quaint and many rooms in each of the galleries are filled with wonderful art.
Here is a picture of Canyon Road, you get the idea.

This afternoon I did a few errands like the bead store - to get turquoise - and then the grocery store and of course a stop at the Tea House....I splurged today and had a scone with cream and tea - OH MY!!!  That scone was the best ever!  So while strolling around Canyon Road, I came upon these sweet mailboxes...did I tell you that 'art is everywhere' - when in Santa Fe!
I have followed the works of many artists over the past years and one of my favorite South West artists is Emmi Whitehorse.  Emmi is internationally renowned for her abstract paintings.  she was born on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and her studio is just outside of Santa Fe.  Her work is shown here in Santa Fe at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art here on Canyon Road.  This gallery was amazing...the layout of the 2 building complex along with the color/design of the gallery just completely made my day - what a gem-what a find.  Here are some pictures of her work in the gallery (I did ask permission before taking these photos) and thanks to Martine for letting me share my thoughts on the gallery via this blog!
Aren't they amazing works - and YES - they were very large!  Here is a close-up of a smaller piece.
Check out their website for more info at    http://chiaroscurosantafe.com/the-gallery/

As I wrapped up the day, I found my way back to my condo/apt./studio and enjoyed the play of color on my work...as I watch the setting sun over the mountains.  Thank you for this beautiful day and opportunity.
This is a close-up of some of my works in progress...

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