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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 4

Painting time.
Still achy.
Good Girl.
St. Francis Basilica.
Bad Girl.
French Pastry shop.
Macha Tea.
Storm rolling.
More Painting time.

So today wasn't as sunny as the other days, cloudy in fact but very warm...all the bikers were taking advantage of the warm weather and cruisin' the city.  This morning after a little yoga, I proceeded directly to my 'studio' and got some more layers done....I'm working on about 40 pieces, however, they will probably not be finished by the time I leave - it seems, though, that they are drying much faster than they do at home - maybe it is the high altitude.

I was  a GOOD GIRL today and attended mass at the St. Francis Basilica near the plaza.  This is a very historical Basilica and 'tourists' are welcome to come inside...I had been inside on previous visits as a 'tourist' and this time wanted to attend the mass at noon....it was lovely, the music was wonderful!   Afterwards, I turned into a BAD GIRL...I remember when I was here years ago with my husband, my sister and her husband that we had gone to the French Pastry Shop & Creperie...I FOUND IT...on the plaza and so I say...WHEN IN SANTA FE - PRETEND YOU ARE IN FRANCE!!!! - so I treated myself to this delicious chocolate mousse topped with chocolate covered espresso bean in a dark chocolate 'dish'...WOW - that's all I can say...and while there I enjoyed conversation with a lovely lady from Copenhagen, she visited Santa Fe and decided to stay....hmmm....

While in the plaza area, I was able to visit the Indian Artists who display their jewelry and pottery...I bought this beautiful little black vase made by a Navajo artist...he explained the different clays/glazes to me and the design and meaning...but the one thing I remember is that he uses cow poop - of all things - in the firing process...

I can't miss a  day at the Tea House...and today's tea choice for me was Macha - have you ever tried that?   I don't know that much about it but - it is 10 times more healthier than green tea...and I think you actually drink the leaves that are smushed into this tea-like mixture...I will say it is a beautiful spring - green color - and didn't taste so bad either.

I didn't really adventure into to many galleries today...but I did enjoy peeking in at Ed Larson's gem of a folk/art gallery on Canyon Road.

So after today's travels, I returned to my 'studio' to paint some more...as I watched the storm clouds rolling in from the mountains, I was happy to then curl up on the sofa by the fireplace...cheers to another great day!

Oh, and I took a nap today, too!  and a walk around the neighborhood...I am in LOVE with the doors in this city!

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