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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Day 3

No Yoga.
Bad cold.
Tea House.
Blue Skies.
Warm weather.
New Art Supplies.

WOW!  What a great day!

My morning started with a few hours of painting and then a visit to the Tea House to meet with the Santa Fe Tea House Tea enthusiasts club....http://teahousesantafe.com/blog     What  a great group of tea lovers...I was happy to be a 'guest' - they meet once a month - so if you are in Santa Fe, I highly recommend you join them!  We discussed and sampled some of the best White Tea's...I learned a lot...like did you know that white tea is even healthier than green tea...needless to say I bought a nice size bag of Bai Mu Dan tea leaves to brew when back home.  The group consisted of artists, writers and tea lovers...and I was happy to have met all of them.
So, by now you know that Santa Fe is filled with artists and writers...and galleries.  Today I was suffering from a bad cold so I didn't have the energy to visit galleries, however, I did pop in to one close to my apartment/condo...Vivo contemporary...http://www.vivocontemporary.com/     ....    and I was so taken with the exhibit titled 'GIVING VOICE TO IMAGE' !!!!   This exhibit features Santa Fe Artists 2-d works which were accompanied by poetry handwritten by local poets based on inspiration from the artwork pieces.  The gallery also had a small but wonderful collection of book art...hard to explain...but very intriguing!  So...when in Santa Fe this gallery is a must-see!
I wrapped up my day with a visit to Artisan Art Supplies and bought some wonderful new paints...came back to take a nap and then worked on some paintings into the wee hours of the evening - perfect for a Saturday night in Santa Fe...stay tuned for Sunday's adventure...

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