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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Most of us seem to have a 'bucket list'...and wouldn't you guess that mine is pages long!!!!  I spend my days ready for the next big adventure, yet also loving the simple, quiet moments of life, too.
As you know, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend two weeks in Santa Fe, painting, pondering and absorbing and immersing myself in the wonderful art scene of the South West.
Yes, I did come back.
MY EXCITING NEWS IS....that I am now represented at DARNELL FINE ART in Santa Fe, New Mexico!!!!!!
Did you know that Santa Fe is one of the top U.S. Art Markets (along with New York and L.A.)?  Never did I think that I would get representation in this beautiful area!
So, BIG THANK YOU, to Rachel at Darnell Fine Art for having faith in my talents and representing me!  I just shipped three big boxes of art there and am so excited to see it hanging in this amazing contemporary gallery located smack dab in the middle of Canyon Road - 'the street for art in Santa Fe'!!!!
Meanwhile, I will continue to work my tail off creating art from deep within to send to Darnell Fine Art AND ALL THE WONDERFUL GALLERIES THAT REPRESENT ME!  I am blessed and lucky...my galleries are SO GOOD TO ME and are like family!  They are the reason that I get to continue to paint every day!
THANK YOU....each and everyone of you..for taking the time to read this and share in my excitement...I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
This painting "Ascend" is one of my recent works that is headed for Darnell Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM.

Friday, March 22, 2013

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

Settled back in.

Those of you who followed my blog/adventures in Santa Fe, know that I had a wonderful time and I am now back home - settled in to my studio and real life routine.  I made so many wonderful connections and new friends while in Santa Fe that I just can't wait to return...but for now, I am finding much joy  working on some new, large panels that were just delivered by my 'builder' upon my return home.    I am thankful.

So, notice on these works in progress (I think I only have layer 10 out of 40 so far - so they have  a long ways to go yet - but whose keeping track anyway) - that there is lots of COLOR!  What's up with that?  I think it was the colorful, bright sunny influence of Santa Fe that followed me home to the U.P.  But the 'process' may take me to a journey that will eventually lead to more muted colors/values...but then again maybe not.
While I was in Santa Fe, I gave a demo at Artisan on the topic of 'The importance of Layers in your work' - and I keep going back to thoughts and ideas of the layering process and realize that it truly is this 'process' that keeps me working day after day.  When I start a piece, I have no pre-conceived idea of where or what this painting will turn out like...It is this 'mystery' or 'sense of unknown' that I love about my work...it wouldn't nearly be as fun if I knew the outcome.  This doesn't mean it is easy working in this matter.  It is hard when you have an area of 'layers' that you love but know you must 'go over it' or 'keep working it' so that something better can come out of something that already has great parts.  Does this make sense?  As I ramble here, it truly is the process that I enjoy so much.
This image is a 'closeup' of one of the works in progress, and actually I think since I took the photo, it's already been altered and layered upon.   You wonder why?   Well, as I work (as in life) nothing can be too precious, every day is a gift and change and growth are a good thing!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!  (Did I tell you I have been happily snow-shoeing every morning even though the temps here in the early a.m. are in the teens....just had to let all my lucky Santa Fe friends know what we deal with in Michigan....but love it!)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Day 13

Shipped Package.
Sun on deck.
Tea House.

Wow, where did the last two weeks go?   What  a great and inspiring time I had...hard to believe it is coming to closure - not the end - as I will be back!

So many wonderful things happening here...so many wonderful people...I am glad I decided to do this and that so many wonderful things and people crossed 'my path'!

Enjoyed the Museum of fine Arts Museum and all the exhibits featuring New Mexico artists including Agnes Martin and more Georgia O'Keeffe.

One thing on my list to do while here in Santa Fe was to take a yoga class at Body of Santa Fe - did that today - what an amazing yoga studio...great class, then came home to pack (or shall I say cram things into my suitcase)  clean and enjoy the solitude one last night.

Thankful for a good time and the memories that I will carry with me.

Until next time....Cheers!

(sorry no pics today - got the camera packed away!)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, Day 12

Cool Out.
Tea. Walks.

Another glorious day in Santa Fe...they are carefully coming to an end for me.  Sigh....

My day was filled with art talks and walks for the most part.  I enjoyed visiting with a new friend and talking art over tea at the Tea House.  Then I enjoyed just strolling the neighborhoods and taking more pictures, mostly of doors...

and windows...
I concluded this beautiful day with wine and a special 'meeting'...love those kinds of gatherings....AND   I have some exciting NEWS to share with you soon!!!!!!!!!
But most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunity to spend some amazing moments in this wonderful city....I am blessed!!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 10 & 11  Saturday and Sunday

Farmers Market.
Art Demo.
Cowgirl Bar-B-Que.
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.

My last weekend in Santa Fe....my work-cation soon to come to an end...I didn't post yesterday because I was having too much fun with my friend Ronna who visited from Albuquerque.

Saturday morning I had a lovely walk to the Farmers Market, which even in the winter is wonderful..there was everything from soaps, lotions, lavender to vege's meats, bakery etc- and the Farmers Market also has some wonderful 'permanent shops' which consist of chocolate, art, garden and TEA - as in Artful Tea (.com) - check out her amazing selections of tea - you can order online!

While I was in the Railyard District I took a few minutes to stop in some of the very contemporary galleries.  I really enjoyed the LewAllen Galleries - and I highly recommend when in santa fe...to stop there...some of my favorite artists that are represented there are Forrest Moses, Margaret Fitzgerald and Sammy Peters...

These two images were taken by permission in the LewAllen Galleries.

While in the Railyard District I saw this 'portable art gallery' and thought it was the coolest thing...only in Santa Fe!

In the afternoon I did a demo at Artisan on my art process and the importance of layers in your artwork.   I had a wonderful crowd of 20+ artists that were interested in this Michigan Artists work.  It was fun sharing my techniques with them - they were a great audience!   And in life, I firmly believe, to always give, give and give of your talents...
After my demo, Ronna and I proceeded to the famous 'COWGIRL BARBEQUE' - where we enjoyed some fab New Mexico beers and a great meal, oh and a Dixieland Jazz Band was entertaining us...I can see why this is  a favorite hangout for locals and visitors.  Even met a very famous artist at the bar....thanks to Ronna who will talk to everyone!!!!

My Sunday was a nice, relaxing day with a trip to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum....
Some of Georgia's art supplies...

a nice original of Georgia's.

A very pleasant weekend...thanks Ronna for coming up to visit!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Friday, Day 9

Canyon Road.
Tea House.
Very Good Day.

Today I was pretty immersed into my painting as well as prepping and packing for my demo tomorrow at Artisan, here in Santa Fe.   I'll be talking and sharing the importance of layers in an artists work.

These are 4 smaller pieces in the beginning stages...they keep changing...

So this afternoon I wandered down Canyon Road and visited some more galleries and - it snowed!  First it came down in huge sheets of rain which turned for a moment to snow...and the best part is....THEN THE SUN CAME BACK OUT...all within a short time!

I wrapped up my day with a very important meeting regarding my art...I can't give you details yet...but it is very, very good!!!!

This image is of another wonderful  sculpture...a girl flying...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, Day 8

Tea House.
Maria's - Margarita's.

Finally felt really good this morning and after yoga got immediately into my paintings...then to enjoy some sunshine on my patio...ahhh...Santa Fe!

Today's painting time seems to be really pulling together a lot of loose ends...area's that seem to be making sense after a weeks worth of uncertainty...but that is how my paintings work...I seem to take them ' down' to pieces before building them back up..I've come to trust my way of painting or process...for it is the amazing process, not so much the finished product, that keeps me painting!

Loving the colors I worked with today...more bright and vibrant!

I enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon by a walk to the plaza area - enjoyed a treat at the French Creperie and loved finding the art surrounding this museum....
I discovered some new shops/galleries that I wasn't aware of and that was a pleasant surprise...then on my way home to my apt/studio...I discovered this old truck....such an amazing city!
My evening ended with a wonderful meal and margarita's at the famous Maria's...thanks for the conversation to a new art friend that I have met in this amazing city!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Day 7, Wednesday

Feeling Better.
Compound for Lunch.
Bead store.
Tea House - scone & cream.
More Painting.

When today started out, I thought that I would skip the blog today because it didn't seem like there was anything exciting happening, although I was enjoying the sun and a quiet day.  Then as the afternoon got rolling and I made some wonderful discoveries...I just had to share it with you.

First, a little history...Canyon Road...is a short road in the heart of Santa Fe...best to be walking...and it is lined with galleries - lots of galleries and a few restaurants...but mostly wonderful galleries, both contemporary and South West.  The gallery spaces themselves were long-ago homes, which make them very quaint and many rooms in each of the galleries are filled with wonderful art.
Here is a picture of Canyon Road, you get the idea.

This afternoon I did a few errands like the bead store - to get turquoise - and then the grocery store and of course a stop at the Tea House....I splurged today and had a scone with cream and tea - OH MY!!!  That scone was the best ever!  So while strolling around Canyon Road, I came upon these sweet mailboxes...did I tell you that 'art is everywhere' - when in Santa Fe!
I have followed the works of many artists over the past years and one of my favorite South West artists is Emmi Whitehorse.  Emmi is internationally renowned for her abstract paintings.  she was born on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico and her studio is just outside of Santa Fe.  Her work is shown here in Santa Fe at Chiaroscuro Contemporary Art here on Canyon Road.  This gallery was amazing...the layout of the 2 building complex along with the color/design of the gallery just completely made my day - what a gem-what a find.  Here are some pictures of her work in the gallery (I did ask permission before taking these photos) and thanks to Martine for letting me share my thoughts on the gallery via this blog!
Aren't they amazing works - and YES - they were very large!  Here is a close-up of a smaller piece.
Check out their website for more info at    http://chiaroscurosantafe.com/the-gallery/

As I wrapped up the day, I found my way back to my condo/apt./studio and enjoyed the play of color on my work...as I watch the setting sun over the mountains.  Thank you for this beautiful day and opportunity.
This is a close-up of some of my works in progress...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 6, Tuesday


Today I was supposed to go to the "Japanese Tea" but had to cancel as this cold/flu has me resting...something I'm not so used to doing.  After a whole day of taking it easy, I did regain some of my strength in order to work for a little bit on some paintings.
These are two larger pieces I have in the works...no where near done, but I am liking the brighter color palette - definitely inspired by the sunny days here.  So each day I will continue working on these and see what happens.

I did take a walk in the neighborhood again today, just to get some fresh air...looking forward to seeing some exhibits tomorrow...

Monday, March 4, 2013


Day 5, Monday

No Yoga.
Painting time.
Lots of Painting time.
Walk to Plaza.
Tea House.
Neighborhood Walk.

This morning I woke up and got so into painting that it was 1:00 by the time I stopped...I was on a roll and when on a roll, don't interrupt the flow.
These pieces are all just 'studies' or 'starts' which I may use when I get back home to work on some larger pieces.
I'm seeing a slight shift of color in my work and that really is based on the artist environment..it's funny how this sub-consciously happens...

Everyday I am enjoying my walks around the neighborhood and am really learning my way around this city.  Today while walking I saw this sign, which made me immediately miss my 'red truck'!
I did walk to the Plaza and enjoyed the galleries and atmosphere in that part of the city...I also had another wonderful pot of tea at the Tea House and am looking forward to my first-ever "Traditional Japanese Tea"...tomorrow!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 4

Painting time.
Still achy.
Good Girl.
St. Francis Basilica.
Bad Girl.
French Pastry shop.
Macha Tea.
Storm rolling.
More Painting time.

So today wasn't as sunny as the other days, cloudy in fact but very warm...all the bikers were taking advantage of the warm weather and cruisin' the city.  This morning after a little yoga, I proceeded directly to my 'studio' and got some more layers done....I'm working on about 40 pieces, however, they will probably not be finished by the time I leave - it seems, though, that they are drying much faster than they do at home - maybe it is the high altitude.

I was  a GOOD GIRL today and attended mass at the St. Francis Basilica near the plaza.  This is a very historical Basilica and 'tourists' are welcome to come inside...I had been inside on previous visits as a 'tourist' and this time wanted to attend the mass at noon....it was lovely, the music was wonderful!   Afterwards, I turned into a BAD GIRL...I remember when I was here years ago with my husband, my sister and her husband that we had gone to the French Pastry Shop & Creperie...I FOUND IT...on the plaza and so I say...WHEN IN SANTA FE - PRETEND YOU ARE IN FRANCE!!!! - so I treated myself to this delicious chocolate mousse topped with chocolate covered espresso bean in a dark chocolate 'dish'...WOW - that's all I can say...and while there I enjoyed conversation with a lovely lady from Copenhagen, she visited Santa Fe and decided to stay....hmmm....

While in the plaza area, I was able to visit the Indian Artists who display their jewelry and pottery...I bought this beautiful little black vase made by a Navajo artist...he explained the different clays/glazes to me and the design and meaning...but the one thing I remember is that he uses cow poop - of all things - in the firing process...

I can't miss a  day at the Tea House...and today's tea choice for me was Macha - have you ever tried that?   I don't know that much about it but - it is 10 times more healthier than green tea...and I think you actually drink the leaves that are smushed into this tea-like mixture...I will say it is a beautiful spring - green color - and didn't taste so bad either.

I didn't really adventure into to many galleries today...but I did enjoy peeking in at Ed Larson's gem of a folk/art gallery on Canyon Road.

So after today's travels, I returned to my 'studio' to paint some more...as I watched the storm clouds rolling in from the mountains, I was happy to then curl up on the sofa by the fireplace...cheers to another great day!

Oh, and I took a nap today, too!  and a walk around the neighborhood...I am in LOVE with the doors in this city!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Day 3

No Yoga.
Bad cold.
Tea House.
Blue Skies.
Warm weather.
New Art Supplies.

WOW!  What a great day!

My morning started with a few hours of painting and then a visit to the Tea House to meet with the Santa Fe Tea House Tea enthusiasts club....http://teahousesantafe.com/blog     What  a great group of tea lovers...I was happy to be a 'guest' - they meet once a month - so if you are in Santa Fe, I highly recommend you join them!  We discussed and sampled some of the best White Tea's...I learned a lot...like did you know that white tea is even healthier than green tea...needless to say I bought a nice size bag of Bai Mu Dan tea leaves to brew when back home.  The group consisted of artists, writers and tea lovers...and I was happy to have met all of them.
So, by now you know that Santa Fe is filled with artists and writers...and galleries.  Today I was suffering from a bad cold so I didn't have the energy to visit galleries, however, I did pop in to one close to my apartment/condo...Vivo contemporary...http://www.vivocontemporary.com/     ....    and I was so taken with the exhibit titled 'GIVING VOICE TO IMAGE' !!!!   This exhibit features Santa Fe Artists 2-d works which were accompanied by poetry handwritten by local poets based on inspiration from the artwork pieces.  The gallery also had a small but wonderful collection of book art...hard to explain...but very intriguing!  So...when in Santa Fe this gallery is a must-see!
I wrapped up my day with a visit to Artisan Art Supplies and bought some wonderful new paints...came back to take a nap and then worked on some paintings into the wee hours of the evening - perfect for a Saturday night in Santa Fe...stay tuned for Sunday's adventure...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 2


Today was another sunny, beautiful day in Santa Fe.  I again started my day with yoga and a walk to the Santa Fe Tea House - that took care of my morning - oh and I got some more painting done in the morning, too.
I then had an afternoon of visiting galleries...and made some great art connections...coming here is opening some doors for me and I am so excited of the possibilities that lie ahead.  I was meant to come here.
I am spending this quiet evening in front of the fireplace, planning my weekend...I can already see that I have a lot of things to do in a short time.
Today I was inspired by all the glorious color....on the doors in the neighborhoods which I wandered, on the art in the galleries I visited as well as the new color inspiration on my palette.
Thank you for color!
This beautiful door was one of many that I captured on my neighborhood walk this morning.


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